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Karoshi Book_Rough_Apr 112.jpg

The full development of Karōshi was documented into two process books. These are sample spreads from the book, edited with select information omitted. Although the in-depth development is not shown here, the general idea of the development of Karōshi is. 


Branding & Look and Feel

Omitted from this process are early developments playing with ideas of Greek imagery (hubris). Although the concept of the bar was an early idea.



The three main products (Ping, Dos, and Stack) were narrowed down after a dozen of ideas (the Karoshi blinds was one that got cut late in the process).


Packaging & Visual Identity

The packaging had gone through major overhaul throughout the project, and was a guiding factor in determining the overall look and feel of the project.


A Paper

Omitted from this paper on the development and execution is the literary essay exploring the rise and popularization of burnout culture.