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Karoshi: Digital

Karōshi: Digital

web, Promotional Video, and 3d assets for karōshi:


Web Header Animated_3.gif

Developing Digitally

Building upon the Karōshi brand, the digital aspects of the brand were important to get correct due to its futuristic and forward-thinking brand image. For the website, this meant creating a curated and unconventional web experience. The promotional video needed to be edgy and new-age, and the 3D rendering all had a sleek feel to them. The primary goal was to sell a narrative of improving the human mind and body, with the underlying goal of creating a subtle satire.

Unfinished wireframes

Unfinished wireframes



In the conception of the website, I felt a heavy use of motion graphics would suit the feeling of a forward-thinking brand like Karōshi. After initial wireframes, the website will then be fully mocked up in After Effects for demonstrative purposes. In the interest of time and product support, I had mocked up pages for the three product Karōshi would sell. Other pages such as the home, events, and about me were only marginally developed for the sake of establishing a system to which the website can be constructed upon. The individual product pages would have a slightly different treatment (balance of 3D, photos, colours, and features) based on the audience they'd appeal to.


A mix between semi hi-fi wireframes and a storyboard to be translated into an animated video.




The video was made as a final wrap-up for the look and feel of the brand. Looking towards ads from similar brand narratives, I had extracted influences from colour treatment to editing techniques. Copy was chosen from the social media of such brands as well as common sayings from those who hustle. This video was created to be half propagandic and half motivational, with scattered instances of 3D work to promote the products. Imagery ranges from office work, athleticism, animals, and machinery to give a feel of optimized daily life.

The video was composed of stock footage and set to a track by Ongakushitsu Inc.




Vital for the project was some sort of product photography. Although rusty, the products were modelled in Blender. They're very simplistic, flexible, and short for the purpose of supporting the website, video, packaging, and other means.

One of the three Dos bottles, Bullet.

One of the three Dos bottles, Bullet.

Dos, the series of smelling salts, were 3D-printed in for to-scale prototypes.


3D renders were made for the packaging, reminiscent of packaging for electronics.


See Karōshi's concept, branding, and packaging.