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A unique portable home lamp


A simple and flexible light source that goes wherever you do.


Light and Space (and Basement Apartments)

A majority of young adults are likely at some point to live in a basement apartment in Toronto. Due to the rising rent, this is often the only option available (particularly for post-secondary students without a large income). Having lived in a few myself, I began to notice habits my roommates and I had developed in response to the space. Where we could study, hang out, eat, and be was influenced by where light could reach. This closed up what little space was available in basement apartments to begin with, especially considering these apartments had limited floor space or few outlets that restricted where lamps could be. This created a home environment that could never be comfortable, happy, or home-like for me. This is where Orbit comes in.


Orbit Travels

A magnetic base allows for attachment to any metal surface at any orientation, allowing a flexible, portable, and small light source anywhere in the home. Can be used for reading in darker corners or trying to dig through a dark closet. Orbit takes up no space and illuminates wherever you need it to.


Orbit Stays

The UFO's magnetic bottom interacts with a base, levitating and spinning the UFO above a surface. This enticing dock creates incentive to consistently return Orbit to the same place, deterring the issue of potentially misplacing or losing Orbit when in-use.


Orbit had only ever reached its prototyping stage. If you are interested in bringing this vision to life and to push it beyond a single prototype with me, please contact me at to chat further!


For more on the development of Orbit, click here.